Friday, March 30, 2012

We Are the Same, You and I

The Hoodie
A Mother's son wearing a Hoodie

The Black Male Code and stereotypes
Walk down any street in America and
    be judged
Jesus said, “Judge not…
    but who listens to Jesus?
Love your neighbor as yourself
    But the words of another echo loudly…
    “Who is my neighbor?
I was taught the code of DWB
    but a new code is appended...
What happened to Jesus saves?

I walk down a street and I see a Black male…
    our eyes meet
We nod in acknowledgement of one another
No words are necessary
No translator is needed
We are brothers
No one else will acknowledge me...
    like my Black brothers
Because to others, I am invisible
If I am seen, I'm often viewed as a threat.

Here is an innocent one, what say you?
Crucify Him, crucify Him!
A grieving mother weeps.
A father’s pride is stolen.
Another young life has been taken.
How long Lord? How long?

Am I not a brother to Whites?
Latinos are my brothers and sisters, yes?
Are not Asians my kinsmen?
Did not the same God create us all?
Who should I not love?
Fifty years ago, no one would dare complain.
In 2012, the thinking is, so what?
Just another ________!
Sprite claims, “Image is everything
    So it must be the Hoodie
    Is it the shoes Nike?

Am I more than just a piece of cloth?
Does a garment define who I am?
What is my life worth?
Don’t give me the scientific value…
What am I really worth?

Did Christ die for me…
    or did he simply skip over me,
    because of my clothes?

Am I unloved by God because of my skin color…
    or has sin robbed me of reason?

How many people will look at my sons and say,
    “No good”?
What dangers await my grandsons?
Are their lives in peril...
    simply because they are Black?

Maybe it's the tattoos...
    or the jewelry they wear
It can't just be the Hoodie

Belichick wears a Hoodie,
    but no one has shot him.
Geraldo says, "It was the Hoodie"
    so it must be true.
Maybe it was the Skittles
It couldn't just be the Hoodie
Bill Belichick

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Friday, March 23, 2012


Seashore Waves

Walking along the shore…
    I hear the thunderous waves of the ocean…
    calling me.
They are the sound of a beating drum.
It is like a primal call “Come”.
I'm reminded of the words of Jesus,
Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest...
For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

…let the one who is thirsty come...

I think of Noah, Abraham, and Moses,
    Old Testament men who actually heard...
    the voice of God.
The New Testament believers such as
    the twelve apostles, Paul, and others…
    who were witnesses to The Son of God.
Today, I have my bible...
    the written word of God.

Still, as I walk, I hear the ocean roar.
Echoing one simple word...
He calls, and I rise.
Eyes open, ready for the start of a new day,
    a new season, a new time.
I have fallen in love with a simple four-letter word...

…if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.
Jesus was lifted up, and I was drawn to The Christ.
I will lift up praises to Him, and perhaps...
    someone will hear the word:

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Friday, March 16, 2012


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Fresh grapes
Fresh vine-ripened grapes

Clusters of grapes
Ripe, fresh pomegranates
Juicy, flavorful figs…
    All fresh!
Your blessings, O Lord…
    New and fresh always!

See the daffodils, yellow and beautiful.
The lilies are fragrant and colorful.
A vase filled with vibrant red roses…
    All fresh!
New every morning…
    You constantly make our lives fresh!

Your beautiful baby girl
The son you’ve always wanted
The unbridled smile of your child…
    All fresh!
When God ushers in a new thing…
    It’s always fresh!

You stuck with me through the good and bad times.
You were there for better and for worse.
You are my constant friend.
    All fresh!
You are closer than any brother Lord…
    You make my life new and fresh!

Poem by MTJ

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring
Jesus is The Welcome Spring

Like a welcome spring breeze…
    you came into my life and rescued me.
What a rescue!
You said, “Behold, I come”...
    and You did.
You sheltered me from the cold winter…
    and warmed me with Your love.
You nurtured me with grace…
    and sustained me with salvation.
Daily, You watch over me…
    ordering my steps,
    even when I fall.
You are my welcome spring.

You are like the river that flows...
    a strong current to carry me.
You secure me!
You said, "...whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst."
When I thirst, you fill my cup...
    until it overflows with joy and gladness.
You are my oasis...
    in the hot arid regions of my life.
Your gifts are beyond measure...
    Your immeasurable love amazes me.
    You are life springing from the dead.
    my roots stretch forth to drink from you.
You are my welcome spring.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

New Beginnings

Wild Flowers
It is the time of New Beginnings

Another winter passes and with it,
    the vestiges of all things drab.
Spring is in the air and with it...
    the initiation of a new beginning.
The sights and sounds of Spring are everywhere!

Even smiles appear spontaneously on once forlorn faces.
It is the time of new beginnings.
No where is this more evident
    than in the lives of those who...
    with uplifted hands call on the name of Jesus.
The bible refers to Him as,
    "the name that is above every name".

There is a beauty and symmetry in God's divine plan.
Far too often, I've looked at the end,
    the results, and the final outcome.
I rush through life without really being aware...
    of a divine work in me.

There is something special with all things new:
    that new car smell.
    that newly decorated room.
    that fulfillment of receiving your education diploma.
    that excitement of a new job.
    that appreciation for a new bride or groom.
    that gratitude for the addition of a newborn into one's family.
    that hope of fulfilling one's purpose in a new journey.
It is the time of new beginnings.
Yes, there is something wonderful and...
    special about new beginnings.

New beginnings transcend across my emotions...
I feel it, think it, and believe it.
God gave new this quality.
It is the quality to touch...
    the very depths of who I am.

I hope you're experiencing newness.
I hope God is breathing new life...
    in facets of my life which were dormant.
Dormant from the harshness of disappointment...
    loss, and...

Hope that is seen is not hope...
    I have no need to hope for what I have.
I hope for what is coming.
New beginnings are coming, and I hope I am
    not only ready
    but appreciative
    of the process God chose to use in me.

A custom-made process..
    tailored by God specifically for me.
A custom-made suit is nice...
    but eventually will become tattered.
God's plan for me does not tatter or wear out;
    it remains fresh, new every morning.
It is the time of new beginnings.

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