Friday, May 25, 2012

Look at Me Lord

Look at me Lord as I pray
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Look at me Lord;
I’m down on my knees.
I’ve been here before…
    Lord, hear my plea.
Times are hard,
but I’ll never give up
Touch me Lord…
please fill my cup.

Teach me the words…
    of the Apostle’s Creed
Remind me again,
it’s You that I need
The light in me…
    must shine so bright.
Illumine me Lord…
    You are The Light.

I once was blind,
but now I see.
Are not mere words…
    to those set free.
Free to walk,
in the newness of life.
You transformed me...
    from darkness to light.

I’ve risen with Christ…
    who rose from the dead.
The church is the body…
    He is the head.
So look at me Lord,
pour out your grace.
Purge me with hyssop...
    prostrate on my face.

Lying before…
    Your Heavenly Throne.
My soul thirsts for You,
cause heaven's my home.
I want to go home,
but I need to stay.
There’s work to be done...
    I’m the Potter’s clay.

So look at me Lord…
    it's here where I stand.
I love you Lord Jesus…
    my life’s in Your hands.
Yes, look at me Lord…
    You’ve blessed my life.
I’m ready to labor…
    the harvest is ripe.

Poem by MTJ

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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Me...You See

Jesus and two Disciples going to Emmaus
It's Me...You See (image courtesy of

Black, White, Brown, Yellow, and Red
We’ve all heard words…
    that others have said.
Words that cut, so painful and deep.
Are words that maim the humble and meek.
Like heat-seeking missiles launched from our lips
We love to target our venom-filled quips
Blinded by eyes that cannot see
The ones you target, it’s me, you see.

I’m the mother without any medical care
I’m tattered and broken with nothing to wear
I’m the child who has no food to eat
I’m the tormented life who cannot sleep
I’m the elderly person who lives all alone
I’m the faceless person without a home.
I’m so many of those who cry out in need
If you can see them, it’s me that you’ll see.

It’s quiet here now, in my darkest hour
I’m lost and discouraged...
    I have no power
I’m tired of struggling,
    as I try to survive.
Is there really a point to being alive?
I fail to see the grace in me.
To see the One, who can set me free.

Christ died for me…
    He paid the high cost
He hung on the cross…
    for the sins of the lost
When faced with trials…
    that overwhelm me
I need to remember
    Christ set me free
Free to see, beyond my pain
Free to see, all that I’ve gained
Free to love others...
    as I want to be loved.
Filled with God’s love, that comes from above

The next time you see, a person in need.
It’s you God chose, to do a good deed.
That person is not, a stranger you see
But someone like you…
    exactly like me.
If you listen closely…
    you’ll hear God’s voice.
Calling to you…
    so make the wise choice.
It’s me, you see...
    I hear God say
Love beyond your self...
Give love today!
Poem by MTJ

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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Lord Looks Down and Sees

The Lord Looks Down and Sees, Psalm 33:13-15
The Lord looks down and sees, Psalm 33:13-15

From heaven the Lord looks down
    and sees all mankind;
from his dwelling place he watches
    all who live on earth—
he who forms the hearts of all,
    who considers everything they do.

                             – Psalm 33:13-15

The writer of Psalm 33 knew what he was talking about! God watches over His children. To think otherwise is to literally believe God is blind; that He really isn't God at all! I have pondered the question of what it means to be God, and it escapes my comprehension in so many infinite ways. What little understanding I have, leads me to conclude that:

    God exists beyond the realm of impossibility.

I understand possible, but how does one fathom the impossible? How am I to understand what my mind cannot conceive? I have children, and yet I cannot see all of them simultaneously unless they appear before me. I can think of them, collectively speaking, but I cannot have independent, concurrent thoughts of them all. I have difficulty having a single independent thought for any length of time; I need a break because my thoughts at times are scattered. Of the millions of people who have walked this earth, God maintains a focus on each one; He intimately knows them. Who among us can say?

    I intimately know God

God doesn't take breaks. He doesn't coast. Unlike an athlete, He doesn't take plays off. Unlike an entertainer, He doesn't have an occasional forgettable performance. Unlike a politician, He doesn't make promises (he has no intention of keeping) just to get your vote.

God is serious about you.
Why would He take such an interest in you, if He weren't seriously concerned about your life? How serious are you when it comes to your life? What is your life really worth?

The bible advises each of us to “count the cost” (Luke 14:28). I think the question begging me to answer is:

    Was the sacrificial death of Christ for me worth it?

    Is the death of Christ meaningless to me?

    How am I valuing what God did on my behalf?

God watches over you. The bible says, “…fixing our eyes on Jesus” (Hebrews 12:2).

What is it I see? What are my eyes focused on? What has my attention? What captivates my thoughts?

A Living Sacrifice
God isn't some spectator at a sporting event, movie, theater performance or concert. No, God fully invests Himself into our life; filling me with the Holy Spirit that I become a living sacrifice to Him. In the Old Testament, the blood of bulls, lambs and goats were offered in sacrifice to God, but that's not what God desired. God desires a committed life. Each of us has been given the opportunity to live life in a way that declares our gratitude for His love, grace, forgiveness, and redemption. God watches over each of us. He’s not looking for one committed life, but a community, a family all related to Him. We are His children, born of His Spirit!

God watches over you, not to catch you when you sin, so that you'll be punished. God desires that when I sin, I ask His forgiveness; knowing that I'm no longer a slave to sin. I've been set free.

Savor the Moment!
I have to believe that God is thrilled when I acknowledge His presence in my life; that I see Him at work both in me and on my behalf. I say this because; I'm pleased when someone appreciates me, whether at home, in my community, or work. I want my actions to matter, to be appreciated by someone.

Even though God is working all things together for good, I don't always recognize or appreciate what He does or is doing (for me). It doesn't mean I'm ungrateful, sometimes, my attention is elsewhere. That's why these moments of appreciation become so valued to me; I can see that God watches over my life and He is working on my behalf to bring about a good result. I also have to believe that because God is working on my behalf that He wants me to understand how much He values me. When you see God at work in your life, savor the moment.

For some of us, it's like being a child again and getting that treat we long to taste. The bible says, “…taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8). To experience (taste) the Living God at work in my life, is a moment God wants me to remember (savor). God desires that I hunger for those moments, seek those moments, and call for those moments to come alive in me. I want God to see me thanking Him!

I will savor that moment!

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Friday, May 4, 2012

I See You

God Sees
God Sees and Hears

"I tell them Jesus was wounded...wounded
for my transgressions.
He was bruised…bruised...for my inequities.
They're gonna know that it's true, true, true,
They're gonna know that it's true.
They've got to know that it's true, true, true.
They've got to know that it's true.
Oh that...
Jesus…He was sent from the Father.
Jesus…He's the Great Messiah.
Jesus…He’s bread for the hungry.
Jesus…He’s water for the thirsty.
Jesus…He’s friend to the friendless.
Jesus…He’s hope for the hopeless.
Jesus…He rose from the dead.
Jesus…just like He said.
Every knee shall bow…every tongue confess
Jesus is Lord (they’re gonna find out)
Jesus is Lord!
"            --Lyrics by Andrae' Crouch

Have you ever had the thought that your life is insignificant, unimportant or simply doesn't matter? Ever felt like you're going through life's revolving door? Sometimes our circumstances or fears create these thoughts. Sometimes it's our relationship(s) or lack thereof. Nothing you do appears to matter. Those around you don’t seem to care whether you're here or gone.

God cares!

I look to the hills from where my help comes from; my help comes from the Lord. I look to Calvary, and I see the Savior of all humanity, hanging on the cross, sacrificially for me. The blood that Jesus shed shall never lose its power to reach beyond mountains and valleys, finding me no matter what the circumstance may be.

It’s the Father's way of assuring me that He sees me where I am; weak and helpless.

Its God's way of saying to me with words wrapped in love and grace:

I see you”.

It's important that I know God sees me; He's not blind to my circumstance. Family, friends, colleagues may be oblivious to what I'm going through, but God says:

I see you”.

His eyes are constantly watching over my life. It's why He told Moses to tell all the Israelites, “…I will be your God.

It's why He revealed to the prophets, the coming of the Messiah. It's why a virgin named Mary gave birth to Jesus. The fact that God sees me reveals His love and concern. Through the resurrection of Christ and the power of the endwelling Holy Spirit, God fully invests Himself into your life. God's committed to you!

The next time you feel insignificant, listen to God say:

I see you”.

Those three words will reveal an infinite capacity of love and grace which overshadows anything you could possibly face in this life. What can separate you from the love of God when He sees you always? He never loses sight of you. You are never misplaced by God. Whatever you're going through, just know, God sees you.

Because God can see you, He hears and cares about you.

An insurance company reminds us that with them, “we’re in good hands...”.

But whose hands are we really in?

Is there ever a time when our life exceeds the reach of God?

God cares...He says...I see you!

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