Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Me...You See

Jesus and two Disciples going to Emmaus
It's Me...You See (image courtesy of

Black, White, Brown, Yellow, and Red
We’ve all heard words…
    that others have said.
Words that cut, so painful and deep.
Are words that maim the humble and meek.
Like heat-seeking missiles launched from our lips
We love to target our venom-filled quips
Blinded by eyes that cannot see
The ones you target, it’s me, you see.

I’m the mother without any medical care
I’m tattered and broken with nothing to wear
I’m the child who has no food to eat
I’m the tormented life who cannot sleep
I’m the elderly person who lives all alone
I’m the faceless person without a home.
I’m so many of those who cry out in need
If you can see them, it’s me that you’ll see.

It’s quiet here now, in my darkest hour
I’m lost and discouraged...
    I have no power
I’m tired of struggling,
    as I try to survive.
Is there really a point to being alive?
I fail to see the grace in me.
To see the One, who can set me free.

Christ died for me…
    He paid the high cost
He hung on the cross…
    for the sins of the lost
When faced with trials…
    that overwhelm me
I need to remember
    Christ set me free
Free to see, beyond my pain
Free to see, all that I’ve gained
Free to love others...
    as I want to be loved.
Filled with God’s love, that comes from above

The next time you see, a person in need.
It’s you God chose, to do a good deed.
That person is not, a stranger you see
But someone like you…
    exactly like me.
If you listen closely…
    you’ll hear God’s voice.
Calling to you…
    so make the wise choice.
It’s me, you see...
    I hear God say
Love beyond your self...
Give love today!
Poem by MTJ

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Lillian said...

I loved the poem, and you're right we can all identify with the hurting if we just take the time to really look. If we look long enough we not only see Christ...but also ourselves.

Linda said...

What a beautiful poem! So true, and heartfelt. Thank you for writing and posting it!

Charlotte said...

Wow, that poem has a powerful message. Thank you for sharing it.

Virginia said...

These true words are a touching and great message...