Saturday, December 10, 2011

Elijah and the Widow

There was a famine...
    throughout the land.
All hope was lost...
    in the desert sand.
The constant voices...
    of hunger cries.
Without food to eat...
    they all would soon die.

There was this widow...
    in Zarephath.
Soon to be blessed...
    along life’s path.
She stood at the gate...
    gathering her wood.
When she heard a man speak...
    from where he stood.

Please bring me water,
    to drink from a cup.
And a morsel of bread,
    so that I may sup.
She spoke to Elijah...
    and here’s what she said.
As the Lord God lives,
    my son goes unfed.

Look man of God...
    I’ll tell you no lie.
I'll prepare a meal...
    and then we shall die.
I have a handful of flour...
    and a little bit of oil.
These sticks in my hand...
    are the fruit of my toil.

Then Elijah said to her,
    “You have nothing to fear.
    God knows your need...
    He’s seen your tears.
Go make the bread...
    and bring it to me.
God will do wonders...
    a blessing you’ll see.

Here’s what will happen...
    to your flour and oil.
He’ll give the increase...
    none of which will spoil.
An endless supply...
    until He sends rain.
His blessings endure...
    The Lord will sustain.

She chose to obey...
    giving God’s word a try.
The flour remained plentiful,
    the oil never ran dry.
When God says to you...
    "Hear what I say.
You’ll walk in faith...
    When you choose to obey.
                                Poem written by MTJ
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Now I Can See!

The man was blind,
    he could not see.
Was it just his sight…
    which stole his liberty?
Who would answer,
    his most urgent need?
What words would take root
    as life-giving seed?

The disciples asked Jesus,
    who was it that sinned?
Was it mother or father,
    that did him in?
It was neither of them,
    who blinded his eyes.
But that men would learn,
    let God be their guide.

Then Jesus spit,
    on a small lump of clay.
Rubbed it on the man’s eyes
    and said....“Hear what I say.
Go now and wash,
    your eyes in the pool.
You’ll regain your sight,
    and become God’s tool.

The man obeyed Jesus,
    and washed off the mud.
Cleansing his eyes,
    removing the crud.
He opened his eyes,
    at first...all he could see.
Were men who appeared,
    as though they were trees.

He regained his sight,
    as Jesus had said.
To those who doubted,
    here’s just what he said.
I once was blind,
    but now I can see.
I saw a man named Jesus,
    who set my life free.
                                Poem written by MTJ

Spiritual Sunday'sNote: This post is linked to Spiritual Sundays (hosted by Charlotte).