Friday, December 2, 2011

Now I Can See!

The man was blind,
    he could not see.
Was it just his sight…
    which stole his liberty?
Who would answer,
    his most urgent need?
What words would take root
    as life-giving seed?

The disciples asked Jesus,
    who was it that sinned?
Was it mother or father,
    that did him in?
It was neither of them,
    who blinded his eyes.
But that men would learn,
    let God be their guide.

Then Jesus spit,
    on a small lump of clay.
Rubbed it on the man’s eyes
    and said....“Hear what I say.
Go now and wash,
    your eyes in the pool.
You’ll regain your sight,
    and become God’s tool.

The man obeyed Jesus,
    and washed off the mud.
Cleansing his eyes,
    removing the crud.
He opened his eyes,
    at first...all he could see.
Were men who appeared,
    as though they were trees.

He regained his sight,
    as Jesus had said.
To those who doubted,
    here’s just what he said.
I once was blind,
    but now I can see.
I saw a man named Jesus,
    who set my life free.
                                Poem written by MTJ

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Whidbey Woman said...

Awesome! Have a wonderful weekend and blessed Spiritual Sunday.

Lisa notes... said...

Such beautiful poetry and a beautiful story.

I'm so glad I also can say:
"I once was blind,
but now I can see.
I saw a man named Jesus,
who set my life free."

Clif said...

Fantastic! This is so good! Wonderful message presented in a splendid way. Thank you.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Beautiful! With obedience comes blessing! Patsy from

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I enjoyed this very much, MTJ. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Charlotte said...

Thank you for sharing another one of your wonderful poems.

Sharon said...


Yes, a baby named Jesus came into the world and nothing was ever the same again! Because of Him my eyes were opened and I was given freedom!


(P.S. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving)

Ruth said...

Great rhyme! Jesus opens our eyes so we can see what we couldn't see before.