Friday, July 30, 2010

Tis So Sweet

I've spent the past two days trying to resolve a problem with my laptop without having to rebuild the image. This morning my desktop PC failed (softly), so fixing it didn't present a tremendous challenge. It got me to thinking about the kinds of adversity one faces and I realized that computer problems fall way down on the list of problems I and others may face in life.

Marriages fail, people losing their job, home, life or limb are just a few of the aversities some of us face. It was then that I accepted the reality that anything of value on my laptop was possibly lost; but I'd be able to start again.

I began praising God for New Beginnings and because trusting Him is so very sweet. I hope you praise Him too as you listen to this song by Commissioned called Tis So Sweet:

Tis' so sweet to trust in Jesus,
just to take Him at His word.
Just to rest upon His promise,
and just to know that is was said by God.

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him,
how I prove You more and more.

Jesus, Jesus, my precious Jesus,
I thank You for grace to trust You more.


A Peculiar Person said...

I would like to invite you to visit my blog. I would love to get your comments on some of my recent posts.

God Bless!

Tea with Tiffany said...

I love the lyrics of this song. And you are right a computer problem is nothing compared to many other things. It's always good to keep perspective.

On a another note, thank you, thank you for your encouraging support and comments on my blog. I'm slow on the return visits lately, so I really appreciate your willingness to encourage me when I can't return the gift as often.

Have an amazing weekend basking in the love of God.

Be blessed.


Tea with Tiffany said...

And thank you for answering my hero questions and other questions when I ask. Few do, so I appreciate it when someone like you does. Thanks again!

MTJ said...

Pecular Person: Thank you for stopping by and for the invite. I'm always happy to share my thoughts with other Christians, so I look forward to visiting your blog.

Tiffany: No need to apologize my sister. Like most of us, I like the feedback comments provide, but it's not the reason I write. There are so many Christians in this community of bloggers that it is difficult to spend time with everyone. I try to read blogs written by others but I cannot read every one; I just don't have the time. Along with my passion for Christ is my passion to write. I'm working on a creative non-fiction short story which I may post soon; I'll let you know so you can check it out when time allows.

Dean Spencer said...


This is a really great song. And in light of life's circumstances it certainly is a great reminder.

Odd, my cat is going through some serious problems that are life threatening. I never thought I'd be so upset over a cat but (don't think I'm weird) praying and trusting God with whatever happens does bring peace.

Thanks for the timely reminder. Have a great weekend!


MTJ said...

Dean: I don't think you're weird. Although there have been a couple of instances when I wondered...hmmmm (just kidding brother). I hope you and the cat have a peaceful weekend.