Friday, February 10, 2012

Where Are You?

The Lost Coin by James Tissot-Overall
The Lost Coin by James Tissot-Overall (Brooklyn Museum)

When it comes to money,
    I don’t have much of value.
All I have are ten silver coins,
    but they all belong to me.
Although each has the same value...
    they are unique, you see?
And now I’ve lost one of them.

My eyes search the room...
    for the coin which I have lost.
Now hidden from my view, I ask...
    What's happened? Where are you?
I ask the question why, but really...
    How can my lost coin reply?

Back my recent steps...
    to where my coin could be.
But still no memory, I can recall...
    of how my coin lost me.
Could it be under the table?
Or in a corner of the room?

I fill the house with light...
    enough for me to see.
I’ll search each corner of my home,
    to where my coin could be.
Where are you little coin of mine?
Please, come back now to me!

Floor boards covered in a layer of dust...
    the broom swings back again.
I hear the whishing sound of bristles...
    when will my efforts end?
I’ll sweep this floor until its clean...
    so I can find my friend.

As I look around,
    searching high and low.
I’ll look until I find my coin...
    I won’t give up, I know.
Where are you little coin of mine?
Let your silver show.

At last!
I found you, hidden there
    right before my eyes.
Call my friends and let them know,
    my happiness and pride.
Let’s celebrate my found lost coin...
    the joy I feel inside.
Poem by MTJ

Father God,

The thought of angels in heaven rejoicing when a person repents fills me with joy. I recall that day I repented and gave my life to Jesus Christ, so I join with the angels who rejoice over one who was lost. So often, You ask of us, "Where are you", but do we really hear Your voice? Do we truly understand the depth of Your love and concern for each one of us?

Today, I pray for that lost coin, the sinner on the cusp of a life-changing decision. Give them clarity of mind to choose spiritual life. May that person find support from the body of Christ, local Christians who understand that each of us is saved by grace and not by works. Salvation is a free gift we receive from You, not something we earn. Let each of us who call Christ our Lord and Saviour, encourage the newly repentant that they grow in grace and truth. Amen.

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Lisa notes... said...

A beautiful poem; a beautiful message. I'm so thankful God cares for even the least of these. We are blessed.

Charlotte said...

I agree with Lisa's comments. I couldn't say it better.
Thank you for sharing on Spiritual Sundays.

Dianne said...

" of how my coin lost me"--

this phrase really drew me in because Jesus would never willingly lose one of us--

beautiful, beautiful poetry here--so poignant--

thank you, MTJ--

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem. Blessings ~