Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
This morning I read an inspirational thought called “God is a Changer”, which says:

God is a changer.
He changes darkness into Light...
Bondage into Liberty...
Ashes into Beauty...
Conflict into Peace...
He has changed death to Life!

Through everything mothers face in their lives, God demonstrates Himself as a changer. Many mothers have faced the heartbreaking loss of a child but God got mothers through that change.

Each year of our lives, we experience change but we also discover that God is unchangeable. He loves you today just as He did when you face tragedy. Trace the steps of your life back to the day you were born and you’ll see His love still remains unchanged.

It is we who change. Today, I have a greater capacity to love than I did a year ago. Certainly God has helped to shape my capacity to love but through my mother, He has given me an example of how to love.

This then is the reality of motherhood. Women, who wear the mantle of mother, invest a nurturing, loving and caring capacity which gives a child that spiritual, emotional and secure life.

As a man, I believe any son, husband, or father should be amazed at the capacity women have to love. We men need to strive toward love too. As men, we may not fully express the love of a son, father, brother or friend but God reminds us of you. You are our example.

He reveals your smile. He echoes your voice. He comforts with your touch.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Through you, God changes lives.

A Note of Appreciation: I would just like to say that I appreciate each of you who visit My Thought-filled Journey. Taking time out of your schedule to read a post on this blog is encouraging to me. Many of those who visit, will from time to time leave a comment. Whether a comment is left is not important. What is important, is that you came. I do hope you find encouragement and inspiration in these words. Please know I will pray with you regarding any circumstance you may be facing. Feel free to write me to say "Hello", request prayer, or share what God is doing in your life. I have not said it enough, but thank you for the light of Chist in your life which illuminates the way for us all.

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Ruth said...

I'm so glad I can trust Him in the changes. He has always been faithful. I am amazed at all the changes I saw my mother live through and I've been inspired to know that she depended on God through it all and he gave her strength to face insurmountable odds. We can be thankful for Godly examples of mothers.

Sharon said...

It is only with the help and strength of God that I can be a good mother. Sometimes, with adult sons, it's hard to realize I can't do much to help them anymore. It is then that I realize the greatest thing I CAN do for them is pray!

Thanks for the things you said in this post.

I celebrate the fact that our Lord is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!!


Esther Joy said...

Hey! I was looking over some old posts, and saw one of your encouraging comments which made me wonder if you had posted anything lately.

Your "thought-filled journey" has shown a lot of insight and spiritual growth in many areas as you have worked through the challenges of life. Blessings!