Monday, April 26, 2010

Back in the Day Friday (on Monday)

Note: I pre-empted my Back in the Day Friday music post with a post I needed to share from my heart. So without further delay, here is a back in the day song. Be blessed!

In the beginning, I was a novice when it came to Christian music. I didn't know any of the artists or the songs they sang. I can remember a few songs I heard as a child like Bringing in the Sheaves (I actually thought they were singing Bringing in the Cheese). Amazing Grace was another song I remember hearing but that was essentially my limited exposure to Christian music.

One day I walked into a Christian Book store and told the owner that I was interested in familiarizing myself with some of the current artists and she took me to the back store room. I spent hours pouring over album jackets, studying the artists who wrote their own lyrics and musicians who sang or played with other artists. When I finished, I had about fifty albums which I wanted to take home and listen to. I also wondered how to work it out to pay when the owner said, "No charge, you can have them." I've never forgotten that kindness and I patronized that Christian business until I moved to another city.

The thing I liked most about the Sweet Comfort Band was their soulful sound; their music contained a jazz-like quality to it. When you listen to this song, you'll notice how the guitar intertwines back and forth to the vocals of lead singer Bryan Duncan.

I Love You with My Life is sung from the perspective of Jesus Christ to His followers. It is personable, as if He is speaking individually to each one of us. I hope you like this song, it is one of my all-time favorites.

I would like to say,
Just before I leave you,
I’ll be back someday,
And with me I will take you
So do not be afraid,
Only watch and pray,
And wait for my return.

I’ve done what I must do,
My work here is completed,
It’s all been done for you,
Believe what I have stated,
And I will give you peace
Through all your tribulations,
Until I come again.

Please know that I love you,
I’ll stay by your side.
If only now in spirit,
I’ll still be your guide.
You will not suffer long,
For I have suffered for you,
I love you with my life.

Lyrics by Bryan Duncan
©1978 Lexicon Music, Inc. (ASCAP)
Used by permission. All rights reserved

Sweet Comfort Band -- I Love You With My Life


Faith Imagined said...

Simply beautiful song! I need to check out the rest of this album! Thank you for sharing!!!

DC said...

Hey Daddy,
Thanks for posting this song! We need to have a "Take Me Back" BBQ and pull out the old records. I feel showered with a Heavenly Blessing when I hear these songs again.