Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm a Witness!

I'm a Witness
I'm a Witness!

Born in a manger…
    to Mary, a virgin.
Holy Child…
    of God The Father.
Angels rejoice,
    wise men heard them.
    is where they found Him.
Some have called it, a fiction story.
The Son of God in all His Glory
But let me tell you this…
    He is Lord and,
    I’m a witness!!!

Jesus stood up in the temple,
Quoting scriptures to the elders.
Who is this they asked each other?
Speaking like the Son of God!
Healing sick,
    raising the dead.
Performing miracles,
    as the...prophets said.
This ain’t just...
    a made-up story.
Of some guy...looking for glory.
Cause I can tell you this…
    He is Christ…
    and I’m a witness!!!

He walked Golgotha’s lonely road,
    carrying the cross...
    of our heavy load.
He hung up on that lonely tree,
    bearing the sins of you and me.
He died, but then He rose again,
    defeating death and with it sin.
You may think...
    it’s a lovely story,
    of Jesus Christ and Heavenly glory.
I’m here to tell you this…
    He is Lord…
    and I’m a witness!!!

Jesus rose...
    from the grave.
He rose from where...
    His body laid.
He did it just...
    like He said.
One day He’ll judge...
    the living and dead.
All who stand before Him will see,
    Christ will reign through eternity.
Then you’ll know…
    this ain’t no story.
When Jesus appears in all His glory.
I’ve got to tell you this…
    that I’m a living witness!!!
Poem by MTJ

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Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Yes indeed! We are witnesses that Jesus is alive and not merely a fictional character! patsy

Charlotte said...

Amen. Good poem. Thank you for writing it and thank you for sharing it.

Anita Johnson said...

I've so enjoyed your poetry...I'm a living witness as well!