Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm Waiting

I'm Waiting
I'm Waiting on The Lord

I’m waiting…
For a word from you. Just a hint will do, because...
    I'm waiting.
There is no hurry, no worries, no rush, because...
    I'm waiting.
When you're ready, you will let me know, because..
    You know I'm waiting.

You said, “Wait...”, and so I do.
You said, “I would run and not get weary...
    I'm not weary Lord.
If I ask, will You not answer me?
    I know You will!
So You see, that's why...
    I'm waiting.

Who are they that wait?
Those who need not ask the question..
    “How long Lord, How long?
They who wait are patient.
I may not see the road ahead...
    but I know You've made a way,
    when there was no way!

That is why...
    I'm waiting.

It may be an unpaved road, but it's my road...
    bulldozed by Your word.
It may be a steep climb, but I have the faith...
    to ascend this height!

It may be the road less traveled by others...
    but I know it leads to You.
I may get stuck in the mud some time, but
    I will trust You to guide me through.
That is why...
    I'm waiting.

While some may flee at the first sign of terror,
    I'll stand firm and wait.
When the doctor says, “There is no cure”,
    I'm waiting for Your prognosis.
When the lawyer says, “You have no case”,
    I'll wait for Your vindication.
When the job says, “You've been laid off!”,
    Send me to that ripe harvest field.
When the bank says, “We're seizing your home!”,
    I have a place prepared by You.
You see Lord, I've learned that it's best...
    to wait on You.

Some have asked me:
    “Why do you wait for someone you cannot see?
    I say,
    “Eyes have not seen the goodness of the Lord”.
Others may ask:
    “Why wait for words that are not spoken?
    I say,
    “Ears cannot hear the words,Peace be still’”
Still others ask:
    “Why wait when the table is bare?
    I say,
    “Who will taste and see that the Lord is good?
Others may mock, but I will glory in the Lord!
That is why...
    I'm waiting.

Poem by MTJ

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Renee said...

What a beautiful poem and testimony of what you said about your road being bulldozed by the Word of God!!! Each of us have a different road to travel, don't we. God bless.

JT said...

Great post. I will join you. I'm Waiting. God bless you.

Charlotte said...

Those who don't understand cannot understand. If they can understand and want to, they will. Waiting isn't easy, but that is what we're called to do. I like your poem.

Ruth said...

Great thoughts on waiting. I like how you answer the doubters at the end. We do learn to trust his timing as he proves himself to us over and over. May you find blessing as you wait.