Friday, July 6, 2012


Life in Christ, (image courtesy of

What is life?
Is it fulfilling to you?
Is it joy unspeakable?
Is it something you do?

Does it define your purpose?
Does it set you free?
Do you have enough?
Are you all you can be?

How do you see life?
Is it really God’s gift?
Is it God’s measured love?
That is able to lift?

Lift me from sin…
Lift me from shame…
Lift me from heartache…
Lift me from pain.

Life may not lift me…
    from all of my shame.
I may have some heartaches…
I may endure pain.

But life is worth it all.
It’s the gift that God gives.
He makes me brand new…
    so I'm able to live.

Life is gratitude.
Life is worth living.
Life is the peace of God.
Life is the joy in giving.

Life gives thanks…
    to God up above.
Life is the joy…
    for His immeasurable love!
Poem by MTJ

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Charlotte said...

Beautiful poem. I love it and love the sentiment it presents.
Thank you for sharing again.

Pamela said... unspeakable to me! Beautiful thoughts.

Renee said...

Very inspiring poem...God bless.