Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello Jesus...

She sat alone in the dark…
All her hopes dashed.
A life spent in futile exercises of frustration.

Exhausted, she held no hope for reprieve.
What to do? What to do?
She thought, “Tell it to Jesus. Pray to Him who hears all.
What good will that do? He won’t hear me!
Even if He does hear, He won’t answer me!

She pondered her dilemma.
After all this time, will He listen?

Thoughts of childhood and church seeped in.
She remembered the nice old lady who taught the children stories from the bible.
What was that story which always caught my attention?
Was is Jacob? No. Jezebel? No. Job? Yes, that was it!
What was it his wife told him? Curse God and die!

As a little girl, she couldn’t understand why anyone would curse God!
But now, facing setback after setback, she understood how a person could give up; give up on life, give up on friends, give up on family, give up on everything, even God.

Again, she wondered…will He listen to me?

God blessed Job, but what could He do with my broken, tattered life?
What could I say that wouldn’t be rejected? What will I say that God wouldn’t dismiss?

She thought long and hard, but no answer was forthcoming.

That nice old lady would always have the children hold hands and pray. She thought, Back then as a little girl, I believed in prayer, but now, I don’t even know how to pray.

What was it she used to say to us?Prayer is nothing more than talking to God!

Again, she thought, That’s right, just try talking to God; perhaps He will listen! What do I have to lose?

In the quiet of her bedroom, she knelt down and clasped her hands together.

Softly, she slowly began to talk, Hello Jesus, I know it's been a long time, but….

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Lisa notes... said...

Hello, Jesus. So glad he always listens. Always.

Judy said...


Just like the prodigal son, no matter how long we've been away from Jesus, He's always ready and waiting to enter back into relationship with us. Nice story!


Pamela said...

Oh, yes...He listened, He loved and He answered. I know, because it's what He did for me!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Of course, He listens -- and answers. Sometimes, though, we don't hear the answers because we are too busy looking for them and not being still enough to hear them. Lovely poem.

Charlotte said...

Lessons learned early in life can stay with us forever. Another good reason for teaching our children the Bible and the ways of the Lord. Thank you for sharing this.