Friday, January 13, 2012

He’s Still The Sovereign God…My Provider

Abraham and Isaac Climbing Mount Moriah, image courtesy of
Abraham and Isaac Climbing Mount Moriah, image courtesy of

The other night, I was praying and as it often happens (no, I didn’t fall asleep), the Holy Spirit reminded me that God is:
  1. Sovereign
  2. The Lord Who Provides
I began to think about this dynamic in which God gives grace:

Or do you think that the Scripture speaks to no purpose:He jealously desires the Spirit which He has made to dwell in us? But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says,GOD IS OPPOSED TO THE PROUD, BUT GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE.’”1

God gives grace, independently of me; it’s His choosing! And yet, in His choosing, He provides grace to complete me.

Abraham referred to God as “Jehovah-jireh”, because God provided a substitute for Isaac. It occurred to me that as God provides, He substitutes grace in the place of what I want. It’s incumbent upon me to humbly surrender to His purpose and will for me.

In my mind, I may be scaling my own Mount Moriah, thinking I am obeying God’s command. When I arrive at the summit, the place where my prayers meet God’s grace, I discover that it’s not my prayer that changes God, but God’s grace which is purposed to change me.

Abraham was never the same after this Mount Moriah experience.

Do I scale Mount Moriah expecting God to provide or am I intent on completing my agenda?

I’ll never see grace as God’s provision through the blinded eyes of my own arrogance.

Throughout scripture, we can find instances of men and women who humbled themselves before the mighty hand of God and experienced the outpouring of His grace.

Instead of telling God what I want, I will ask Him: What shall I do?

I’ll expect God to provide His grace in my time of need.

Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.2

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A Peculiar Person said...

Amen! This post reminds me of the passage where Paul was asking God to remove the thorn in his flesh. God's response was not what Paul was looking for. He simply told him "My GRACE is SUFFICIENT for you."

His marvelous grace is always enough - it is always exactly what we need, even when it's not what we expect or want.

God bless!

Wanda said...

Very well said. I have been reading about Abraham lately. Happy New Year

Charlotte said...

I love the insight you've shown in this post. Thank you for sharing.

Pamela said...

Too many times I have my own agenda. I'm so thankful that God loves me and provides. Amazing grace!