Friday, January 27, 2012

Who Will Help Me?

John 5:2-15, NASB

I've been crippled for thirty-eight long years,
    but I desperately want to walk.
Many look at me with disinterest,
    not having the patience or time to talk.

An angel visits the pool called Bethesda,
    stirring the waters each time.
The first one to step into those waters,
    a healing is what they would find.

As for me, my fate would be challenged,
    always, others would step before me.
I’m left imprisoned by this dead body,
    yet longing to finally walk free.

One day Jesus came to Jerusalem,
    and saw me lying there.
He asks if I want to be healed,
    His words revealed that He cared.

I told Him that there’s no one here,
    to put me in the pool.

I didn’t know that Jesus, was the One,
    to change what sickness ruled.

He looked at me and said these words,
    pick up your bed and walk.
Immediately, I stood up healed,
    my body freed to talk.

I did not know who Jesus was,
    but Jesus did know me.
He saw me in my crippled state,
    hoping to be free.

He told me, go and sin no more,
    I believed His words were true.
Because He shared these words I heard,
    far worse can happen to you.

Poem by MTJ

Lord Jesus,

So often we are waiting, hovering around our very own Pool of Bethesda; we want someone to help us in the crippled state our lives are in. Some of us, don't even recognize You. You speak and it's just another voice we hear. But right now, I pray that Your words speak healing to crippled, broken, and sick lives. Speak Your words of life Dear Lord! May we hear Your voice and rise up to the obstacles we face in this life. May we walk by faith, in the truth of Your everlasting Light. As the songwriter says, "We need a word from You Jesus...we need to hear from You...if we don't hear from You, what will we do?" We cry out for a word because the love of God is in our heart. Thank You Jesus for meeting our needs, healing our lives, and giving us grace. Amen.

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Charlotte said...

What He does for us today is far greater than what He did for the lame man. I like the way you chose to point that out.

Deanna said...

wow! what great depth of love, sovereignty, power here displayed in the name of JESUS.
... also written so beautifuly -gave me a little bit of chills.

~hope to have you visit sometime:o)

Rhonda said...

This is great....So thankful for the one that walked by the pool to bring healing to the lame man...for there was a time in my life that my feet were lame in that I was crippled with false notions of being Christ like thankful for Jesus Christ the true healer of all corruption infestations of the carnal mind and body

Pamela said...

"...My body free to talk." When God does a work within us, the miracle of salvation, our life is free to talk. Love this!