Friday, April 13, 2012


Ask God
Ask God, image by

I always seem to be asking, seeking, or needing an answer.
I love answers to my petitions.
I read in the bible God’s word which offers me encouragement
Jesus says, “Ask…
    So I ask.
On my knees, I ask.
Sitting in my room, I ask.
Standing in agreement, I ask.
Nothing will hinder me from asking.
I am adopted by God, a member of His family.
Sometimes, I ask my Heavenly Father…
There are times when I will ask my Savior, Jesus Christ.
There are times when I will ask the Holy Spirit.
Yes, No, or Not now...
    He answers, always, He answers.
Morning, noon, or night…
    I ask.
Poem by MTJ

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Charlotte said...

Beautiful truth in a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing.

Pamela said...

Your writings always make me think. Clothed in beauty, the words always urge me towards an "Amen." Asking will be my theme for the week.

Connie Arnold said...

So true, encouraging and inspiring!

joy said...

Beautiful poem and ispiring. Yes, we onøy need to ask:)