Friday, April 6, 2012


Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Sometimes, I go through the stages of my life making assumptions and I am so wrong…
Last Friday, I headed to my local airport to fly out to Paris.
    I had my ticket…
    I had my bag packed…
    I assumed it would go as smoothly as any other trip I’d taken…
    I assumed wrong.

I could not fly out because my passport expired in January.
What to do?
I asked the ticket agent for advice
She said, "go to the State Department and tell them it was an emergency"
My flight was changed to a 2:30PM departure
Now, I must dash from Baltimore to Washington, DC and return before 2:30PM
I prayed, asking God to help me.

I arrived at the State Department, and a young lady asked,
Do you have an appointment?
I looked at her and replied,
Here’s the thing…
She told me to fill out the paperwork and get a passport photo
I would be fit into the schedule of those who had scheduled appointments
I assumed I would just walk in and get my passport renewed.
I assumed wrong.
I prayed, asking God to expedite the process

Three hours later, I headed back to Baltimore with my new passport
Hoping to make that 2:30PM flight
I arrived at the ticket counter and the agent looked at me and said,
This flight is for departure at Washington National Airport
I couldn’t believe what I heard, so I asked again…
What did you say?
It was mostly rhetorical because I knew exactly what I heard
There is no way I will make that flight! Do you have any suggestions?
Go to the airport sir, there are departure flights every hour
I prayed, asking God to help me get on that flight.
A part of me felt I was asking too much of God, but…
Who else could I ask?
Ninety minutes later, I arrive at Washington National assuming…
I had already missed my 2:30PM departure
I assumed wrong
The flight was delayed

I arrived at the gate and was told to board the plane
I assumed I would have to wait for everyone else to board
I assumed wrong.

I sat down and closed my eyes…
Realizing that God had seen every one of these events far in advance…
God was aware of every second that would unfold for me.
God never assumes…
God is never wrong.

Tonight, I will attend Good Friday service in Paris.
No assumptions...
Just a desire to trust and thank God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Blessings to all of you this Easter!

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Lisa notes... said...

Wow!!! Love this. So glad God's provisions were greater than your assumptions. I too often make assumptions myself. May you have a blessed Easter in Paris.

Charlotte said...

This reminded me of our trip home from Paris in 1999. We got to the airport early, checked in and thought we had it made. Then the fog rolled in and all flights were cancelled. So we, along with hundreds of other people were franticly trying to reschedule our flights. After waiting for hours we finally got out, but had to go by way of Los Angeles. We were originally scheduled to fly straight to Phoenix. Of course not speaking French didn't help either. No, we really can't take anything for granted. I learned that many times in my life. It's true though, God does provide. We were just thankful we were able to make the trip. It was really amazing.
Thanks for sharing again.

Sharon said...

A wonder-full Easter Sunday blessing to you and yours!

May you experience the joy of the Truth this Resurrection Day – that we serve the Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Praise His name for His gift of salvation, and for the hope and promise of eternal life.


Ruth said...

Thanks for sharing your experience and how God was with you along the way. And what you learned about not assuming, but trusting him. And that we can plan for the future confidently, knowing that even the obsticles are working into his plan.Blessings.