Friday, April 20, 2012

More Grace

God Extends the Hand of Grace
God's reach has no limits

I’m driving down I-695, talking with God; asking for His grace and blessing. In my feeble mind, I want an answer…waitingwaitingwaiting. The Holy Spirit joins the conversation and points out where, when, and how God extended grace to me. Have I been sleeping? How could I not see Jehovah Jireh providing on my behalf?But He gives us more and more grace…

I remember watching how an airplane refuels in flight. The fuel plane extends a hose which connects to the plane’s fuel tank. God is greater than a fuel plane, His grace has no limits to His extent; He extends to us more and more grace.

What is grace? Whatever grace is, God give us more and more of it. Joy, pleasure, delight, peace, good will, loving kindness, concern, care, provision, hope, and life. Grace is all this which God gives and more! God commits Himself to us! He gives Himself to us!

Grace cannot be summed up in one word, or a lifetime of words. Have you ever sought the Lord as Paul did when he had a thorn in the flesh? Well, I have! And the word of the Lord resonated in my spirit just as it did in Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you...” Sometimes the distance between me and God appears so vast, and yet, His grace extends beyond that distance!...Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think...

God isn’t just able to do, He gives us more and more grace!

Poem by MTJ

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Charlotte said...

Thank you for sharing this insight. I'm glad Paul received the answer he did. I think it gives us today a lot of hope when we realize that His grace is sufficient. His grace is not only sufficient, it's abundant.

bettyl said...

Isn't is awesome when He joins our conversations!!? I've always heard it said that mercy is not getting what we deserve and grace is getting more than we deserve. Thank Him that He never runs out!

Pamela said...

Grace...all we need! Even when we don't know how much we need. In the 1800s Ullanthore said, "The burden of life is from ourselves. The lightness from Christ." It's still true today!