Friday, November 23, 2012

A Good Life (Part 2)

Note: As a Christian, I have often found that life does not always follow a sequence which my mind has mapped out for me. Unexpected things occur which can potentially change my flow and direction. How I respond to these events and circumstances will determine and demonstrate my resolve to genuinely trust the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and spirit. This fictional short story about a couple, Katherine and Andrew attempts to convey the message that even under the most difficult of circumstances, God loves and cares about me. I hope you like Part 2.

Katherine rushed down the stairs to open the front door. She looked in the mirror at her hair and makeup, silently approving her view. Upon opening the door, her cheerful smile changed into momentary confusion; then she realized why the men in uniform were there.

I’m very sorry. I probably set off the security alarm again by mistake. Everything here is fine, I’m sure you men have more important things to do than check on a false alarm.

The older policemen smiled uncomfortably and spoke.

We’re with the police department. Are you Katherine Schaeffer?

Yes I am but…

The officer interrupted Katherine…

Your husband is Andrew Schaeffer?

Yes, he is but…

I’m sorry to inform you Mrs. Schaeffer, but your husband was involved in an accident…

What did you say, an accident? When? Where? How did it happen? Is Andrew alright?

With each word, Katherine became more and more anxious. Panic began to take hold of her thoughts and words.

Where is my husband? I need to leave, he needs me!

The younger policeman attempted to calm Katherine.

We can drive you to the hospital Mrs. Schaeffer…

Yes, take me to my husband now!

Katherine sat in the back of the police car, so many thoughts streamed through her mind. What would she do without Andrew? Should she call his parents? What about his sister Maggie? She was unable to decide. She looked out the window, but was unable to recognize anything familiar. She noticed the gray color of the car seat and thought about the kind of people who typically rode in the back of a police car. The kind of people she had no similarities with.

The police car parked in front of St. Anne’s Emergency Room entrance. Katherine attempted to open the car door but was unable. She screamed…

Why won’t this door open?

The younger officer exited the squad car and opened the rear door. He was about to explain the reason the door wouldn’t open, but Katherine walked past him as though he didn’t even exist.

The older officer smiled and said…

Don’t take it personally son; we’re invisible to most people except the ones who break the law!

Katherine walked through the hospital doors, heading to the admittance desk. The nurse behind the desk smiled and asked.

How may I help you?

I’m here to see my husband. He was in an accident.

The nurse could hear the concern in Katherine’s shaky voice and spoke calmly.

What is your husband’s name?

Schaeffer, Andrew Schaeffer.

The nurse began scanning names of those admitted. Samuel, Sanders, Saxon, Schaeffer. She looked for a status on Andrew Schaeffer and looked up to Katherine.

Your husband is in surgery. Would you like to speak with the admitting physician?

Where is surgery? I want to go there and wait for my husband!

You’re not allowed into surgery Mrs. Schaeffer. Perhaps you should speak with one of the doctors.

The nurse picked up the telephone and spoke softly into it. She then hung up the phone and turned to Katherine.

Dr. Matthews will be here shortly to speak with you. You may have a seat if you like.

Frantic, Katherine cold not hold back the tears and emotions erupting inside.

I don’t need to have a seat! I want to be with my husband!

Short story by MTJ

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Lill said...

And the roller coaster starts...I'm on the edge of my seat over here...carry on please.

Carolyn said...

Hi MTJ! I haven't been for a visit for a long time! I look forward to the next chapter of your short story!

Since I haven't been for a visit for a long time, I read back a few posts, as I always believed your posts to be uplifting, as well as, thought-provoking. In reading backwards, I discovered the hard times that you hit on. I have to say I can relate somewhat story is a little different but I have had some unexpected turns in the road as well that haven't been pleasant. God allows us to spend time in the fire to remove those is for our own good though so very unpleasant. I pray you will continue to cling to Him regardless of how long & difficult the road is for you. The little children's song always pops in my mind when things look bleak, "Trust and Obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to Trust and Obey" true!

Looking forward to the next chapter! God bless!

Charlotte said...

And now more suspense. Thank you for sharing.