Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother’s Day Reflections

Happy Mother's Day!

I don’t ask myself why she did it, I know the answer; the question has always been, how? It wasn’t easily recognizable back when I was a child, but looking back I always wonder how she did it! Every morning, she would get up early to take the bus to work, and then after logging eight hours, a part-time job at a local clothing store awaited her presence.

We males tend to take it for granted that things just occur by random chance, but women/mothers know that random chance occurrences are nothing more than wishful thinking. Women/mothers know in order for it to happen, someone has to do it; and mothers do it. They have that sense of sight that some call intuition, but what it boils down to is genuine love; a mother’s love.

I watched my mother. I was privileged to witness the mother of my children. I see my daughter’s, and the wives of my sons; all of them, women and mothers. Growing up, I never knew my father, but there was never a day I didn’t see my mother. Women take being a mother seriously. Unlike some men who do not honor the role of father, a woman who gives birth to a child without accepting the mantle of motherhood is an aberration.

I never heard my mother complain about me or my brothers; she just did the job. Whatever that job was, she was more than qualified. She never looked for time off, or took a sabbatical; she was a model of consistency. She embraced motherhood. When you’re a child, you want to be loved, encouraged and supported. As a child, life can get twisted, but at some point you get a glimpse of what it took to get you where you are in this present moment. It took some sacrifice, and that sacrifice didn’t begin with you. For men like me, it began with a mother.

God bless you if you have two parents who love you! I’ve never known that privilege, but it is something which I continue to believe is important. I love my sons and my daughters, but I know that I could never have understood that without their mother. She enabled me to look back and see my mother, and my grandmother; how much they loved me and my brothers. They enabled me to look ahead to my sons and daughters, along with my grandchildren; how much I love each of them.

How do they do it?
  1. They do it by choosing to be a mother because they want their life to have meaning in the lives of their children.
  2. They do it from a desire to love; loving someone other than themselves.
  3. They do it because they don’t live with the belief that it’s someone else’s responsibility.
They do it because they understand what it means to be A Mother!

Sending a Happy Mother’s Day blessing to all mothers (especially those mothers I know and love)!!!


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Ruth said...


I have always found joy and inspiration in your posts. Many times I have not been able to leave a note to let you know I were here.

This was a beautiful post! Thank you!!

MTJ said...

Ruth: Hello Ruth. It's always good to receive a word of encouragement; what you said is appreciated. Bless you!

Rozalija Baričević said...

What a blessed and fortunate man you are! You are a witness to the lives of all these precious women; from your mother to your wife, your daughters and your sons' daughters. I believe that your grandmother is watching over you with a big smile on her face. Thank you for these beautiful thoughts.

MTJ said...

Rozalija Baričević: I'm still witnessing the power and desire to genuinely love. To give my heart, soul, mind and body...first and foremost to God, and then giving myself to others. I thank God for you Rozalija because you teach me to love even more.